September 10,

AceBlock experts participated in UK Government Public Call For Evidence on Digital Identity

In 2019, the UK Government issued a public Call for Evidence on enabling digital identity system fit for the UK’s growing digital economy, in which AceBlock experts too contributed their expertise.

The call was launched as a part of an ongoing consultation process to understand better the potential of digital identity, improve citizen experience and access to services, safeguard privacy and combat fraud in the digital space.

The Call for Evidence received 148 responses, coming from technology, professional services, finance sectors and individuals, including ours. The decision to respond to the call is in line with the fulfiling our company’s mission, explains our CEO Tomislav Mučič: »Secure digital identity infrastructure is an essential yet missing component of all online transactions today. From this point of view, we consider it very important that we can contribute with our expertise and technical know-how and engage in a meaningful conversation with governments and regulators to making the new infrastructure secure, efficient and operational.«


The UK Government will use the response to prioritize policy development in the issues raised, including user privacy, complex delivery models, common language, global leadership and right to redress. Drawing on the call for evidence reponses, the Digital Identity Strategy Board has developed principles to frame digital identity delivery and policy in the UK which will be reviewed on annual basis.


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AceBlock is a blockchain technology framework which enables companies to develop innovative solutions on top of our modular infrastructure. One of its critical ready-made building blocks is AceID, with which any holder can present verifiable credentials everywhere online

AceID is based on a concept of an SSI (Self-Sovereign-Identity) which promotes that digital identity becomes a right for every individual. Because it is portable, it allows online privacy and free movement between different web providers or services from one point, which is possible only when the individual becomes the owner of the data.

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