September 23,

Aceblock's proposal SSI-as-a-Service has reached the 2nd stage of the eSSIF Business-oriented Programme

The eSSIF-Lab Business-Oriented Programme is an 8-month programme to accelerate SSI-related businesses and social solutions, structured in 3 competitive stages. It includes business and technical support to integrate SSI technology with market propositions and projects, and will be funded up to €106K, depending on the stage each project reaches.

Aceblock was among 21 companies that have qualified to enter the first phase of the competition, in which our task was to define the proposed SSI-as-a-Service solution, its value proposition and targeted time to market. All that, to clarify the status of our product development and the objectives we aim to pursue during the eSSIF-Lab Call.

Now, we are happy to inform you that the jury recognized the market potential of our solution, which enabled us to enter the second phase of the competition, where only 15 projects will continue their battle. This part will focus more on the productization and platform’s technical deliverables, meaning the competing teams will be challenged to further develop their projects through preparation of mock-ups and a prototype that will ultimately lead to a MVP, business plan and customer onboarding.

What is more, the competition puts a lot of emphasis on generating links and business partnerships within the eSSIF-Lab projects and broader, meaning the projects are encouraged to networking and building synergies to enable the growth of SSI ecosystem

We look forward to new challenges that will boost the development, integration and adoption of Self-Sovereign Identity technologies, all that leading to SSI can become the choice of the people and businesses!

Learn more about us

AceBlock is a blockchain technology framework which enables companies to develop innovative solutions on top of our modular infrastructure. One of its critical ready-made building blocks is AceID, with which any holder can present verifiable credentials everywhere online

AceID is based on a concept of an SSI (Self-Sovereign-Identity) which promotes that digital identity becomes a right for every individual. Because it is portable, it allows online privacy and free movement between different web providers or services from one point, which is possible only when the individual becomes the owner of the data.

Give it a try and contact us at [email protected] for more.