Use cases for Healthcare

Aceblock for Healthcare

Enable trustless collaboration and place patients back at the center of the healthcare ecosystem. Use blockchain technology to connect fragmented systems, improve data exchange between doctors and institution, and ‘generate valuable real-time insights to better assess the value of care.


Build a blockchain for tracking drugs and medications supply chains and improve the overall security of pharmaceutical system production. A digital system can help you keep track of this immense volume data, and prevent the introduction of illegitimate products, along helping you reap the benefits in terms of costs and better data management.
  • Use real-time data to update inventory and respond to market demand

  • Secure patient safety and drug supply security

  • Keep an immutable record of all transactions and data

  • Protect your business intelligence


A single version of person’s medical history means that medical staff across healthcare institutions can understand patients’ history without having to spend time to double-check information. Use blockchain to build a platform to securely store and share electronic health records and improve data exchange and cross-collaboration.
  • Give medical staff a full access over their patients' medical history

  • Simply assign a set of access permission over who can query and write data

  • Seize the power of cross-operability and real-time data for better and personalized care


In a blockchain-based solution for claims management, each entity must have an authenticated identity before a transaction is approved. Such mechanisms significantly enhance security and transparency of medicare. Due the fact the claims can be automatically verified, the blockchain system could also reduce costs for billing and minimize errors.
  • Succesfully identify suspect claims or payment requests that don’t match the patient`s conditions

  • Reduce intermediaries and speed up the overall insurance claim process

  • Reduce costs for billing and administration


With all the disconnected systems in play, the results of clinical trials and patient outcomes go unreported and aren’t always accessible nor known to all medical staff. Blockchain could provide the technical backbone to make medical innovation quicker.
  • Share results broadly to mobilize innovative research initiatives

  • Drive cooperation between participants and researches

  • Keep a secure record of clinical trials and patient outcomes to improve medical advancements

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