For business

The adoption of blockchain is not merely a technological decision, but also a business one. Make sure it becomes an integral part of your company`s business agenda.

AceBlock for business

Blockchain is thoroughly changing the way data is managed, and the way businesses around the globe connect, interact and generate value. In this particular moment, thousands of forward-thinking organizations are already looking for the right way of blockchain implementation to unlock their business value, drive disruption and accelerate growth.

Unlock business value

As the boundaries of the digital world expand, trust in traditional services is eroding. Blockchain offers you an effective way to address privacy concerns, reinvent processes, and facilitate the restructuring of traditional value chains, making sure your business continues from today to the future.

Secure data

In a connected world, securing data is becoming the most critical priority for any business. By transiting your infrastructure on blockchain, you reduce the risk of internet devices, applications and platforms being compromised, making sure your data is safe and your business protected.

Drive efficency

Blockchain technology is fundamentally changing how data is managed. Be it for improving internal processes, systems, drive efficient transactions or streamline auditing processes, blockchain helps you better streamline data and create new value networks.

Accelerate growth

In the years to come, speed, efficiency and relevancy will become distinguishable features of most successful businesses. Blockchain helps you create new value networks in which all parties have controlled access to a shared copy, making sure you win trust, gain loyalty and a competitive advantage in becoming more transparent, efficient and customer-centric.

Why AceBlock

In this particular moment, thousands of forward-thinking organizations are already looking for the right way of blockchain implementation. We too firmly believe blockchain is the technology of the future, and we are keen to help deploy the technology step by step, in any business that chooses to join us on this journey.

Made for business.

From the start, AceBlock was created to empower businesses across industries and sectors, so you will be able to exchange data, drive efficiency and deliver value completely peer-to-peer. Improve security, speed and relevancy of your services by building on top of it!

Enabler, not a disruptor.

We see blockchain as an enabler technology, so that you can gear your business towards services and data. AceBlock is opening you a path to the internet of value, in which information are secure and verifiable, and various agreements carried out automatically.

Interoperable and compatible with legacy systems.

AceBlock easily communicates with legacy systems, allowing you a seamless transition to a decentralized infrastructure. It brings you trust, speed, and efficiencies in all the areas where you need to communicate securely, and deal with sensitive data.


Your ticket for the future.

AceBlock is not just a blockchain technology, but a means to open you the world of new business opportunities and revenue streams. Blockchain represents a new technological backbone, and is a key enabler for your business to rethink the way you work and create value.

How can you kick off a blockchain project with AceBlock?

In many aspects, the blockchain technology is new, and many businesses find it challenging to identify a good use case that would motivate them to commence the initiative within their organization.
AceBlock assists your organization with several questions that rise from developing a distributed network system, helping you to remove friction discovered during the process. All that is leading to a successful and profitable blockchain project on AceBlock infrastructure.

Our Offerings

To help you achieve fast innovation and prototyping of decentralized components, we also offer strategy advisory, team training and custom coding or applications development. Choose the stack that best reflects your company needs and create the business outcomes you desire.


Blockchain can help you manage the future of your business and create value-driven experience. We possess a unique industry overview to help you assess your business goals and make sure blockchain is properly placed in you process of transformation.


AceBlock doesn’t need a built-in token or cryptocurrency to run. In case you need to implement it into your business logic, we help you design, generate and manage a custom-build token that will drive your business endeavors.


To help you become more competitive using digital technology and gain practical skills in blockchain technology, we offer highly-specialized leadership workshops for managers and training upskills for developers.


Smart contracts contain a set of predefined rules that can automatically enforce when certain conditions are met. We provide you the framework for their custom development, their integration with existing software and an audit service for your proprietary codes.


By combining the knowledge you have from your vertical with blockchain-specific insights, we help you design a holistic solution and a business model that drive revenue and maximize profit.


Building and implementing dApps on AceBlock brings many advantages to your business logic, as the code and data on AceBlock ledger are independent and the parameters customizable, opening opportunities for scalable non-fee market operations.