Use cases for Industry 4.0

Aceblock for Industry 4.0

The adoption of new digital industrial technology makes it possible to better control the machines, gather and cross-analyze the tremendous volume of data, and improve the overall production processes, that have been plaguing the industry for decades.


Control your device fleet. Securely connect and manage smart things on remote, easily and smartly analyze data, enhance operational efficiency and ultimately, improve your business outcomes.
  • Connect and manage devices remotely

  • Accelerate data exchanges through a blockchain instead of third-party provider

  • Add an additional security layer


Build an authentication system on blockchain to make sure only authorized personnel can access to critically-important control systems.
  • Provide a history of connected devices for troubleshooting purposes

  • Reduce the deployment and operation costs since there is no intermediary

  • Enhance IoT security


By assigning each IoT device a unique identity, blockchain enables devices autonomy and an execution of tasks without a human intervention. It also allows IoT devices to employ alternate security measures to prevent unusual behavior and preserve the rest of the network.
  • Enable peer-to-peer authentication, authorization and secure data exchange

  • Ensure a scalable and trusted identity management system without a centralized control

  • Enable device interoperability


Using digital connections between devices and networks helps to open up communications to streamline and improve processes.
  • Implement a simpler, securer infrastructure

  • Build trustworthiness into digital networks

  • Introduce a robust solution to authenticate data at any point during the product lifecycle

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