Use cases for Energy

Aceblock for Energy

The quest for energy efficiency, grid optimization and real-time energy data demands a secure and dynamic infrastructure. The undergoing change in energy sector is sparking new business concepts and models to effectively managing data connectivity, security and granting right to access data to data owners.


Now, the energy IoT devices report data in intervals, causing delays and inaccuracies in data readings, billings and accountings. Blockchain provides an infrastructure for near real-time data measurements to all entities on the commodity markets.
  • Real-time data

  • Households take active control over energy consumption

  • Balancing energy supply and demand

  • Revenue assurance and a possibility for new revenue models

  • Compliancy with GDPR


To address the limitation of public infrastructure, blockchain can be used to enable consumers to make their chargers available for public use, enabling users to either rent charging time or receive payments. It can also help to track the energy from generation to electric vehicle.
  • Enable the billing and asset ownership on blockchain

  • Increase the number of available charging locations

  • Use P2P charging as a feature of P2P


Contrary to the traditional grid, where one change affects all stakeholders, a microgrid is an autonomous entity, that can operate within the grid, disconnect from it or operate on its own. That way it can serve as a backup energy source, with blockchain managing its peer-to-peer transactions among community.
  • Backup power

  • Enabling energy Independency

  • Supporting the transition to clean energy and sustainability


With the rise of renewable energy sources, the households now have the opportunity to become energy producers, and thus generate and trade their own energy directly peer-to-peer.
  • Optimize costs by selling the surplus electricity to others, without a middleman

  • Source the energy from variety of distributed sources

  • Transparency

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