One identity for all digital interactions

Blockchain identity gives users more control over their data, and businesses less worry about managing it.

About AceID

AceID is a portable identity on blockchain technology with which any holder can present verifiable credentials everywhere online. It gives users the ability to decide who, why and for how long they share their personal data with, and strengthens the confidence in services your business provides.

Digitization is rewriting the rules of competition. Put blockchain identity at the heart of every digital interaction.

Conventional approaches to identity management in digital age are not only cumbersome, but also expensive.

Users rank security as the highest priority for logging in to the majority of applications, particularly when it comes to payment-related apps.
Younger generations place less emphasis on password hygiene. 41% of millennials reuse passwords, and less than half of them use complex passwords.
Consumers and businesses increasingly prefer digital channels, which lower the costs of transactions and record them transparently.


Businesses increasingly depend on computers and electronic data to manage their daily operations, leading them to store and transfer a growing number of sensitive information online. To protect themselves from liability, security and data protection are one of the biggest challenges for service-oriented companies of today.


In a world driven by data, personal identity has taken a much more complex shape. Today, digital identity enables value transactions and offers improved functionality for its user. This is why technology advancements allow us to steadily move from a model where users trade data for convenience to one where they trade it for a meaningful compensation.


Why AceID?

The process of identity verification is needed in almost every industry, making digital identity an indispensable element in every digital interaction. 


Keep your personal information in one place and share it in a secure way.


Handle users` data in a secure, private and easy-to-use manner.

How it works?

Using AceID, organizations and users can now enter in a direct and secure interaction anywhere online without the need for usernames or passwords.


AceId is a secure authentication protocol that combines the following concepts: self-sovereign identity (SSI), data access management controlled and recorded via blockchain, end-to-end encryption and verification. These elements guarantee each user has a complete control over who they share their data with, and for how long.

Simple user

A first-time user needs to input his/her personal information (name, date of birth, ID number etc.) into their own mobile digital wallet. Afterwards, each time he/she wishes to access a certain web service, this process is no longer necessary, and only a QR code authentication suffices to interact with a service.


The user`s data is stored locally on /her device, and remotely on the AceSpace storage, where all the content is encrypted. What AceID actually stores on a blockchain is just the reference to the data and all of the permission actions related to them,


Since the blockchain is generally public, anyone can get information about the existence of the link. However, it is impossible to see what kind of data are stored on a given address. The data can be seen and read only with a user`s private key used for their decryption.


To access an online service, a website displays a QR code. Each time the registered user scans the QR code, he/she can choose which pieces of information they allow to be shared, and confirm their choice by pressing “Authorize”. The result of this last action logs them into a website.

Data management &

Due the fact the personal data is not stored directly on a blockchain, the user can easily make changes, such as deleting or adding the data. Each time the user interacts with a business or changes the permissions, the mobile application reacts in real-time.


The user keeps his/her personal information locally. Prior to sending the data to the AceSpace storage, they are encrypted with the user`s private key, making sure no one can read or change them.

Are you considering improving your service with blockchain identity?