Need to connect is everywhere

AceIoT is bringing trust and security to the Internet of Things.

About AceIoT

AceIoT is an embedded solution that secures devices with blockchain identity. It drives a seamless integration of connected devices into your business, while making sure your sensitive business data is usable, safe and accessible to the members in AceBlock permissioned network.

The world of connected devices is growing. So are the challenges.

Before mainstream IoT consumer adoption, businesses face numerous challenges due to lack of standards, gaps in security, inconsistent data and costly infrastructure.
IoT devices today are deployed in different ways, and no single technology fits them all.
There is a challenge of managing, tracking and maintaining billions of connected devices securely and reliably.
Cyber security is becoming a crucial aspect in the design of any future IoT system.


Due to the growing need for connectivity, businesses are challenged to maintain relationships with stakeholders across multiple devices and platforms. Such value transfer exchanges represent demanding financial and structural challenges, and generate a redundancy of data, shared internally and to third parties alike.


Be it in a home, factory, office, school, car or a hospital – virtually every device we interact with has an access to the Internet. Gadgets, wearables and system are becoming smarter, more connected and autonomous. They are now able to request a service or start an interaction without human intervention.


Why AceIoT?

Inform new business decisions with faster transactions, real-time data streams and automated settlements.

How it works?

AceIoT provides you with multi-layered functionalities so you can easily build a custom IoT solution for nearly any industry use case, manage and configure peer-to-peer network of connected devices, or effectively secure your device fleet and respond to threats immediately.


To communicate and perform tasks, each device receives an immutable AceID on blockchain, enabling a new world of interactions, executed securely and completely without human intervention.

Transaction automation
and verification

Integrating blockchain with IoT devices will allow for their automation, supervision and control, and lead to instantaneous communication, which is an essential feature for a variety of industries.

Real-time data exchange
and analysis

Blockchain automates security and auditability of services, ensures peer-to-peer exchanges and integrity of data flows, and enhances business operations with real-time data over different assets.

Network security
and sclability

In relation to IoT devices and services, blockchain improves the security with a consensus-based mechanism and ensures transparency between parties with an immutable list of data transactions.

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