Use cases for Public services

Aceblock for Public services

Adopt new technology to solve old pen-and-paper way of doing things. Digitize public services to modernize and simplify the relationships of citizens, companies and public bodies with the administration.


With multi-layer security, data encryption and real-time detection for breaches, blockchain can safeguard the most sensitive data a government or a public service holds.
  • Create an adaptable system that reduces the amount of paperwork

  • Ensure compliance for businesses and consumers


Keep track of each voter`s eligibility and legitimacy to participate. Shift trust from a system to software and propose a novel electronic voting system based on blockchain.
  • Prevent vote fraud

  • Boost the number of active voters

  • Restore public trust and the integrity of the democratic process

  • Ensure proper voter registration


As a digital equivalent of an existing identity card, digital ID can simplify and speed up the interactions with different public portals, services and sites where personal credentials are required.
  • Speed up the process of issuing and verifying IDs

  • The citizens own their credentials, independent of the issuing institution

  • Safeguard citizens` personal information

  • Reduce administration costs


Create a reliable and non-corruptible record on blockchain to validate changes to the status of the record across owners, which can also be followed by property sales, transfers of ownership, rental agreements, mortgages etc.
  • Guarantee and protect property rights

  • Help resolve ownership issues

  • Shorten registration and verification time from several days to several seconds

  • Synchronize the way all participants in the property market interacts

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