The simplest way for fast business blockchain development

AceBlock provides you with ready-made elements to speed up the application logic creation. This means you can build, test and deploy blockchain solutions with less development and internal resources.

Blockchain identity

Blockchain identity gives users more control over their data, and your business less worry about managing it.

Use blockchain identity to confirm membership and access privileges, so the participants in your business network know exactly who they exchange data with.

  • Streamline registration process

  • Reduce sign-up costs

  • Create meaningful digital experience

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Data control and management

  • Minimize risks of data breach

Internet of things

Create, manage and control a network of interconnected devices which can communicate directly among each other

Discover new ways to automate business processes whilst minimizing the security and business risks that come with setting up a complex centralized infrastructure.

  • Automate business processes

  • Improve overall security of IoT environment

  • Enable point-to-point communication without human intervention

  • Devices autonomy and access management

  • Data integrity

  • Minimize risks of data breach

Distributed storage

Distribute and encrypt sensitive business data across a network of nodes, making it safer, immutable and protected.
Distributed storage promises a fundamental change in how businesses protect most valuable data and optimize their running costs.
  • Disperse storage resources

  • Monetize surplus storage

  • Reduce servers` maintenance costs

  • Gain performance

  • Increase fault tolerance

  • Protect your business from data loss

Our offerings

To help you achieve fast innovation and prototyping of decentralized components, we also offer strategy advisory, team training and custom coding or applications development. Choose the stack that best reflects your company needs and create the business outcomes you desire.


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