Use cases for Automotive

Aceblock for Automotive

Blockchain technology can underpin the transformation of the automotive market, providing innovative, personalized and on-demand solutions to some of the most pressing automotive issues of today, especially those in the connected car industry.


Using AceBlock identity and its private chain as a secure communication layer, you can eliminate centralized cloud-based service and enable several innovative functionalities for the fleet management, including leasing the vehicles on remote.
  • Easily create and manage new type of services

  • Assign vehicle permissions remotely

  • Compliancy with GDPR


Create an ecosystem which connects the vehicle ID and your data exchange service ID to enable (near) real-time vehicle analytics. In this way, the vehicle owner could easily manage data sharing permissions and enable you to receive insights much faster.
  • Create new possibilities for cross-selling and up-selling personalized services

  • Real-time vehicle analytics

  • Compliancy with GDPR


By connecting the vehicle, the driver and your car service through a secure data ecosystem, you can enable the creation of an untampered “service book” which your customers can use to prove the conditions of the vehicle in various situations (e. g. transferring the ownership).

  • Record vehicle history

  • Create a data repository which cannot be tampered

  • Cut paperwork


From travel tips to in-app competitions, your brand can offer various entertainment or luxury activities to engage the community based on location services. In this case, the blockchain is in a function of verifying the information connected to a specific challenge.
  • Community building

  • New opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling

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