Simplify business operations for all parties involved

Let your business benefit from all the advantages of a true blockchain, with an unmatched security, efficiency and controllability of a private network.

About AceBlock

AceBlock is a fully operational and highly customizable blockchain framework, designed to meet the specifics needs of various businesses from the start. Whether you would like to build a private business network, securely manage your devices, create a new type of environment for your data storage, or innovate with a new product or service to stay ahead of the game – AceBlock has you covered.


Reduce costs, speed up time to market and cut the complexity of in-house development by choosing the stack that best reflects your business needs.


Protect your business applications with AceBlock's state-of-the-art security mechanisms. Every transaction is secured with cryptography, making sure the data you provide is not altered.


Meet the demanding needs of business with no or low fee costs, high scalability and real-time transaction throughput.


AceBlock's flexible, modular and powerful architecture allows you to best tailor your chain and build a custom blockchain solution on top hassle-free.

Fully decentralized

Decentralize your network management. Remove single point of failure and gain system reliability, scale and privacy.


To be able to participate in your business network, each participant must identify. Your organization gains a complete overview over the network, whilst users are given fine-grained permissions over it.


Allowing a seamless integration to the already existing internal systems, AceBlock makes sure your transition to decentralized infrastructure is easy and simple.

Cost efective

Using AceBlock means that all your communication and transactions occur off main chain, making them faster, safer and far more appealing to business. AceBlock operates as an invitation-only ledger, also meaning it doesn't need a token to run.

AceBlock Framework

Besides offering you the most secure mechanism of tracking ownership of assets digitally, AceBlock’s blockchain technology allows your business to benefit from collaboration, opening up new frontiers, or from exploring new business venues.

AceBlock Framework

Your legacy system

Blockchain network:
Permissioned chain

AceBlock is a permissioned blockchain, allowing only selected entry of verified participants to participate in the network. It is built on Ethereum protocol, which we have customized and changed to achieve significantly more performance and make blockchain more suitable for enterprise-scale operations.

Concensus mechanism:
Proof of authority (PoA)

To agree to the order of new transactions in the block, AceBlock uses Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus in which only authorized nodes participate, making your business network faster, more efficient and in a complete (or partial) control by your organization.

Authorized participants:
Blockchain identity

To be able to participate in your network, each participant is given AceBlock' blockchain identity, serving as a unique entry and a point-to-point information exchange in pre-approved relationships.

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