December 18,

[EVENTS] AceBlock on the Slovenian Blockchain Partnership Meet-Up

As active members of the Slovene blockchain community, our representatives have participated on the Slovenian Blockchain Partnership Meet-Up to discuss AceBlock’s blockchain-based solution for digital identity and our involvement into building the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure.


On Wednesday, 11th of December 2019, a Slovene Blockchain Partnership Meeting took place, bringing together various stakeholders of Slovenian blockchain ecosystem, including ministries, conventional and blockchain companies, local communities, educational institutions, representatives of civil society organizations and individuals, and others stakeholders of the ecosystem of convergence technologies.

The event titled “With the convergence of technologies to the digital transformation of society” aimed to reference examples of good practice in the field of blockchain and present all the activities the public sector and private companies have been involved in to lead blockchain technology to a wider adoption.

After introductory speeches made by the state representatives, Nena Dukuzov (Head of Project Group for New Economy and Blockchain Technologies at Ministry of Economic Development and Technology) summarized the department’s achievements that have made Slovenia widely recognized as a blockchain-friendly country. She also presented the European project EBSI (EU Blockchain Services Infrastructure), dedicated to bringing Europe a standardized and interoperable blockchain for the benefit of both, the public and the private sector.

Our COO Tomaž Furlan has also been invited to join the stage to explain AceBlock’s involvement in the EBSI in details, as our experts are part of the EBSI technical group, ensuring the scalability, reliability and safety of the emerging system. Besides, Tomaž has also been appointed by Republic of Slovenia to take part in the EBSI workgroup for Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (ESSIF).

To make the entire EBSI infrastructure and especially its usability easier to understand, the leading bodies have also prepared an explanatory video in which you can follow Eva’s User Story. As you can see, the interaction with public services will become much easier, whereas Eva will be able to:

– being in self-control of her Identity Data,
– having one standardized way to interact with the EU and National Administration and
– allowing full traceability of cross-border administrative processes.

What is more, as of January 2020, the members of the partnership will have the possibility to test the infrastructure and try out different functionalities (e.g. to request issuance of Verifiable ID, request Diploma Verifiable Attestation, apply to a Master’s program at a University, receive Master’s diploma VA to their SSI Wallet, notarize documents and apply for EU Funding), all inspired by Eva’ journey.

Even more, already in the first months of 2020, the EBSI will be materialized as a network of distributed nodes across Europe. This is why the member states have already been invited to host a European Blockchain Node, and many have applied to do it.

Certainly, one of the more important moments on the Meet-Up was also the presentation of the selected 7 Demo Pilot projects, representing various consortia of Slovenian companies that have connected with an aim to explore and develop a service or a solution using blockchain technology and gained financial incentives to do so. Amongst all projects presented, we are most proud of Tourism 4_0 in which our business partner Lucis is actively involved. The consortium made of most prominent Slovenian organizations is dedicated to building a comprehensive platform to support the promotion of our country, digitalization of tourist services and sustainable tourism through innovation with a blockchain-based digital identity named DOTI playing a key role.